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We are Milada and Jaroslav Macháček. We run the breeding center EQUICAN - Macháčkovi. Our activities are numerous but we mostly deal with dogs, horses and other farm animals. We also provide canistherapy, hippotherapy and dog training. We also run an internet shop and do much more (what we don't do is make our lazy friend translate all the funny and interesting texts into English so you still have to understand Czech to know us better).

Our internationally acknowledged dog breeding station is called "Ze Štěnkovského lesa" which means simply "From the Stenkov Forest". It is named after our first place of residence. At present we live in a solitary farm that belongs to the village Choustníkovo Hradiště nearby the East Bohemian city Dvůr Králové nad Labem.

On the 20th March 2009 our bitch Aisa gave birth to nine beautiful puppies in her fourth litter. 

If you have any questions contact us at this e-mail adress:


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